Meet the Developers: Gavin Wahl

Name: Gavin Wahl
Age: 16
Location: Colorado, US
IRC Nickname: bsmntbombdood

How do you contribute to AWOS?

I troll the channel to death.

When and where did you first hear about AWOS?

While trolling ##socialites.

How and when did you get involved with AWOS?

By trolling

What was your most recent commit?

2006-11-19. "can't troll an int, we can just give it to printf as one piece"

Do you have any plans for new features in 0.1.0?

Enhanced trolling abiliites in AWOS.

Which text editor do you use, and why?

trollmacs, because I like it.

Which distribution do you use?

Trollian, it makes my job easier.

What are your computer's specs? Does it have a name?

A Pentium troll with 512MB RAM.