Meet the Developers: Elizabeth Myers

Name: Elizabeth Myers
Age: 19
Location: Jacksonville, FL, US
IRC Nickname: Elizabeth

How do you contribute to AWOS?

I used to work on the network stack (I may return to this if my mood changes), but now I mostly work on libc and userland. I Handle most of the infrastructure for AWOS, including maintaining the box on which this lovely site is hosted, and the bzr repos. I imported libcpp into the tree, as well as most of the string library. I also fix up the build system sometimes.

When and where did you first hear about AWOS?

GreaseMonkey told me about it.

How did you get involved with AWOS?

I asked if I could get a commit bit, and so it was granted; the rest is history.

What was your most recent commit?

See CIA for details.

Do you have any plans for new features in the next major release?

More than you can imagine. Probably a ton of libc and libc++ stuff, and maybe a build system reworking. I am sure this list will grow though.

Which text editor do you use, and why?

vim and sometimes kate for heavy-duty work. Why? Because I hate a certain editor made by the Free Software Foundation that relies on lisp and key bindings. Plus they both make sense to me.

What operating system do you use to develop AWOS?

FreeBSD is my OS of choice, though I'll grugingly use Linux when I have no choice. My Linux distro of choice is Arch Linux when I have no other option.

What are your computer's specs? Does it have a name?

I have two computers. The first one is my desktop, Cyclone, which runs ArchLinux. 2.5GHz Celeron, 1GB RAM, 40GB hard drive. The second one is my server, Lightning, who runs FreeBSD as well. Has a 933MHz Pentium III, 384MB RAM, but no hard disk since the old one broke :p.